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  1. Case
    My Case CX60 won’t move unless full revs in low first gear. Any higher gears it will sit there for about a minute or so then slowly take off if I’m lucky. The revs stay constant. Also when going up a slight hill, it will stop for a minute then slowly take off. Changed fuel filters, cleaned fuel...
  2. MTD
    My 2015 Bronco (model 13wv78ks011) won't start and blows fuses immediately on turning the key. The problem started when the key got snagged and yanked out of the ignition, the mower continued running and then choked it out to stop the engine. Replaced ignition switch already. the next likely...
  3. BIG John Deeres
    We just purchased a used 1600 turbo lawn tractor. It runs fine, drives fine, but as soon as the blades engage it's like it can't handle the load. I've tried cutting thin, dry grass and the engine sounds like it's under huge stress. We've tried testing the turbo and that appears to be working...
1-3 of 3 Results