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  1. Ford
    I have a Ford 1620 that belonged to my dad before he passed away. The tractor has been setting up a minimum of 4 to 5 years. What steps would I need to take in order to get it going again?
  2. Ford/Post 1990 New Holland
    Asking to see if anyone knows how to turn up the fuel on a Ford GT75. It has the Shibaura E673 diesel engine. Not looking to do anything crazy, just looking to add a little HP and a little bit of smoke...makes mowing more fun🤭. TIA
  3. New Holland/Case-New Holland/LS
    The battery on my TC26DA went dead. I put the charger on the battery and after a short time tried to start it. The starter solenoid clicked a few times and then went silent. I let the battery fully charge and then tried again. Now I see no action at all from the starter. When I turn the key on...
  4. Hydraulics
    new to machinery.. I just got a 2000 New Holland 555e. I had to change a leaky fitting.. I noticed that the hydraulic fluid was milky. Is there anyway to get rid of the moisture w/out having to do a complete fluid change. thanks.
  5. Ford/New Holland Tractors
    Hi, I've got a TN65 tractor with a hydraulic leak where the metal line from the pump connects to the remote valves via a banjo bolt. I can't tell with certainty, but I'm fairly confident that there's a hairline fracture on the banjo fitting. Assuming that is the case, I'm hoping that I can...
  6. Ford/New Holland Tractors
    Hi all, I'm looking at purchasing a used TN65 but I'm told there is a hydraulic leak near the remote hydraulics. I haven't been able to take a close look, but I'm hoping to be able to fix it after purchasing. However, my thought is that, worse case scenario, I ought to be able to lock out the...
  7. Hydraulics
    I could've been killed. What causes a skidsteer to runaway on you? Today I was plowing snow in a New Holland L170 skid steer. Suddenly, it seemed to lack power. RPM bogged down a bit to 1900. I laid off the controls and the rpm came back up. I tried forward again the rpm came down gene more...
  8. New Holland S-14 with 10.5HP Diesel

    With the installation of the new diesel, this should last quite a while, I will probably get around to repainting and some new decals, etc... it's a workhorse, not a show piece...
  9. New Holland S-14 with 10.5HP Diesel

    The muffler exits through the factory location and I added the arrestor at the end of the pipe just to keep the noise down a little.
  10. New Holland S-14 with 10.5HP Diesel

    The fuel tank from the Diesel engine was relocated to the original location of the battery and the battery was relocated under the seat where the old gas tank was located. A different muffler was also used.
  11. New Holland S-14 Diesel

    Replaced the 14HP Kohler with a 10.5HP Diesel but I wanted to keep the overall look close to stock.
  12. Installation complete

    Replaced 14HP Kohler with 10.5HP Diesel. Bigger job than expected to install, however it was worth it. Excellent solution to repower older tractors.
  13. New Holland S-14 with Diesel

    Out with the Kohler and in with the 10.5 HP Diesel...
1-13 of 13 Results