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  1. MTD
    Hello all, I recently purchased a Dayton 3Z523 Garden tractor and need all the information and manuals I can get my hands on. The history of this thing is that my grandfather owned it about 25 years ago and I learned how to drive on it at the age of 3. He sold it when I was about 5 or so, and I...
  2. MTD
    I want to remove what I assumed was a roll pin holding the lower part of the hydro control. It didn’t budge when I tried to drive it out, and it just dulled bits when I tried to drill it out. Then I looked up what it was called. You guys that managed to get this out - how the heck did you do it? ron
  3. MTD
    I've pulled the lift cylinder and disassembled per instructions primarily by VTXRider. All worked well up to this point. So, my questions are primarily for VTXRider, but will happily read everyone else's responses. Especially if you've also done this repair. VTXRider, back in August of '19...
  4. MTD
    I brought my new-to-me 990 home to Texas to work on and build some sort of dirt mover for it. Got it starting and running pretty nicely. Checking across the battery while it's running shows 13.8 volts, so I reckon it's charging ok. But, the wires under the hood are a mess, mainly because...
  5. MTD
    I just picked this Ranch King up. Drove 2hrs there to get and 2hrs back. The seller wanted $100 for it. When I handed him 5- 20s he handed me 1 back and said he would like to help pay for the gas since I drove so far.😁 It is in really nice condition. Everything works fine, It didn't come with a...
  6. MTD
    New to the whole forum thing I have myself a really nice old dayton 3z588 16hp garden tractor 1976ish vintage from the engine code, that I picked up for nothing. Looks like it was stored inside and had low use. I've been searching hi and low to try and locate a complete shaft drive mower deck...
1-6 of 6 Results