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  1. Kioti SCUT
    Hello folks, new owner here I'm just working out a deal on a CS2220 TLB with a few options: 54" mower deck: probably most of the hours will be mowing, as I have 5 acres which has been recently cleared and varies from 5 to 20% slope with a few 'flat' areas. One of the reasons I chose a SCUT over...
  2. Iseki
    Hello all, awhile back I got my hand on a h1502 and i was told the the front pto drive belt for the belly deck needed to be replaced. I have tried taking it apart to get the old belts off, but to no avail. Any advice on how to remove the front pto so i can access the belts? Thanks!
  3. Ready to do the next meadow

    Done with the meadow out front, now for the one in back. We don't have what you could in any way call a 'lawn', but we try to keep it clean-looking.
  4. Spinnin' the wheel before we hit the trees

    Coming up to the trees, at the end of the row. Shot is while I'm giving the wheel a spin to turn before I have a fir tree toothbrush.
1-4 of 4 Results