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  1. Randys Lgt165 Rework

    Shows the s-steel dash/floor pan.Also the checker scuff pads.
  2. Randys Lgt165 Rework

    Inside of the "one pc" hood and the mounts for lights.
  3. Randys Lgt165 Rework

    Shows the new(one pc)trans control lever.And the deck ht adjustment lever replaced with a pc of pipe(use a bar to adjust)that doesn't catch the tree limbs.
  4. Randys Lgt165 Rework

    The relocation of "full size"battery to the back/master shut off switch.
  5. Randys Lgt165 Rework

    shows the hood tipped forward.The rubber strip around the back is enough to hold it secure and stop rattles.Cable holds it while up.
1-5 of 5 Results