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  1. Vintage Tractors
    hello, we have an old Chinese mini tractor (changchun 12) and it's ran by belts so the pto is under the seat, to the right and it has a small cover but didn't come with no reductor (or something like that it's supposed to be a box) so we can't even turn it off and can't use a mower or anything...
  2. Vendor Deals
    A Trade-in Yanmar 1500 18HP Diesel 2X4 Tractor for sale we have decided to make one of this week’s SPECIAL. Yanmar 2TR15 DIESEL ENGINE, Two Wheel Drive (2X4), PTO, Rear Type: I, Rated rear lift capacity: 1430 lbs, Operating Weight 1,751 lbs WEEKLY SPECIAL - $5,650 for 1979 YANMAR 1500 18HP 2x4...
  3. 1960 Economy "Jim Dandy"

    Nearly Complete restoration of Economy model# 706511, "Jim Dandy" tractor. AC Orange, Briggs & Stratton Type 19FB engine, with oil breather.
1-3 of 3 Results