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  1. Massey-Harris/Massey Ferguson
    Good Morning All, I'm new to the forum, however I tried my best at doing my do-diligence to make sure I'm not duplicating a beat down subject, I have a 1996 Massey Ferguson 1260 4x4 40hp diesel tractor with just over 700hrs, while leveling out a lot last week I popped a tube in my radiator...
  2. Massey-Harris/Massey Ferguson
  3. Simplicity/Allis Chalmers Forum
    Hey fellas, I'm interested in a Massey Ferguson 2723H garden tractor and am wondering if it's the same tractor as the conquest 2350? It seems as though they are almost identical other than the branding. It's an older machine so I want to make sure parts are still being sourced. It has about...
  4. Massey-Harris/Massey Ferguson
    Hi all, My father recently passed away and he had some M-F service manuals that he thought were worth something, which I'm now hoping to sell. I've had a good google and can't find them online. Does anyone know what they might be worth and where might be the best place to sell them? (in the UK...
  5. Home Made Tractors, Implements and Accessories
    Hello everyone, This is my first post on here, and I assume I’m in the right area of the forum for this discussion. I just got a Massey 235 with the Perkins. It has the leak on the power assist steering box located under the dash area. I was thinking of looping together my pressure and return...
  6. Massey Ferguson SCUT
    Just purchased 2020 Massey Ferguson GC1723eb last week. My first project was to remove a 8” maple tree stump. Within the first 10 minutes of digging at the roots around stump I heard a metal pop sound. Thinking it was just a root didn’t think much of it. After another few seconds of digging I...
  7. 1974 Massey Ferguson 12

    Rear view of my Massey Ferguson
  8. mf 12

    my mf 12 garden tractor
  9. mf 12

    my mf 12 garden tractor
  10. mf 12

    my mf 12 garden tractor
1-11 of 11 Results