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  1. Massey-Harris/Massey Ferguson
    Hi all. I've been having some trouble with my late father's 265. There was a 643 battery in there so I replaced it with a new one but I'm not sure that it's powerful enough as it's still having trouble starting. Does anyone know the best battery to go for please? Thanks!
  2. Lawn and Garden Tractors By Brand
    I bough a massey ferguson 1450 made by snapper. its got the good sundstrand rear end. i was wondering if there was a possibility to make it 4×4? a bigger engine is on the way aswell as loader plans. instead of buying a 25000$ tractor i wanted to make my own! is it possible to put a rear end from...
  3. Massey Ferguson SCUT
    Hi All, I have an MF-1215 4WD manual shift. Regarding the adjustment of the "Front Axle End Float", the Operator's manual says set this to 0.004-0.012 inch. I found the bolt and lock nut, and can get front end off ground, but how/where do I measure?
  4. My First Tractor

    It was a 1954 Ferguson TO30.
  5. My First Tractor

    It was a 1954 Ferguson TO30.
  6. Our (new) Mf 1529

    Me riding our new tractor, doing mower work.
1-6 of 6 Results