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  1. John Deere SCUT
    Is any Walmart alternative for the items listed above acceptable, or do I have to use the Deere brand? The local dealer is quite a few miles away and pretty pricy as well. Would products with similar specifications work just fine?
  2. Ford
    I have a Ford 1620 that belonged to my dad before he passed away. The tractor has been setting up a minimum of 4 to 5 years. What steps would I need to take in order to get it going again?
  3. Simplicity/Allis Chalmers Forum
    I would be grateful for anyone’s assistance. I am I the process of replacing both belts on the above mentioned tractor, 36 in deck. I have the manual, and the belt routing diagram, but It denotes several “90 degree bends” In the drive belt, but has no photos and it doesn’t seem to have the...
  4. John Deere Forum
    Hello. I have a ZERO TURN EZ Trak Z225. I'm a blue collar guy that's going to get my hands dirty and perform my annual maintenance on my own this year! Can someone please give me some guidance on what blades I need...
  5. Cub Cadet Forum
    Hey guys, I've got a 2013ish Cub LTX 1046KW and actually just found out that there were zerk fittings on the front end. I greased them fine, but while attempting to get the grease gun off one of the upper threadable pivot arm fittings, the zerk snapped off into the grease gun leaving threads...
  6. Introductions
    Just wondering what group(s) I should be following for maintenance tips, Equipment Issues, etc. I have a '47 Ford 8N, front and rear PTO's. Front PTO is powering a Wagoner Loader with a 1yd bucket. Have not used the rear PTO. I've got quite a few questions for a good mechanic. Thanks in...
1-6 of 6 Results