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  1. Mahindra
    Looking to buy a new one and seeking feedback on Mahindra, Kubota or JD.
  2. Mahindra
    After running my 1538 Mahindra for a couple hours cutting grass, a warning light will come on and tractor will lose some power. Sometimes it will drag all the way down to a crawl until the tractor cools down. The temp gauge shows in normal operating range. Just some of my investigations, I think...
  3. Mahindra
    Looking for the AC pressure switch, they want to sell me the entire ac line, they do not sell the switch separately any help would be appreciated
  4. Mahindra
    Recently, my oil pressure idiot light has begun to flicker. I suspect a loose connection or a weak switch. I scanned the parts schematics and the oil pressure switch, although listed in the parts list, is not shown on the drawing. I've looked all over the engine and cannot locate the switch...
  5. Mahindra
    I am looking to buy a compact tractor to maintain 1/2 mile of gravel road using box blade. Saw ad for $18,500 w/loader, one owner, about 500 hrs. Any Pro/Con?