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  1. 2003 Craftsman DLT3000 Honda V-Twin

    2003 Craftsman DLT3000 Honda V-Twin

    Honda GXV530-EXA2 engine. Two-barrel carb, overhead cam, wet-belt driven cam system, 16.5 HP. Rear 4 gallon tank, 42-inch 2 blade deck. Hydro-Gear 336-0510 transaxle using 20W-50. Not very common to come by. Only ever seen a few here and there. They popped up a lot this year though for some...
  2. Craftsman Lt1000

    Craftsman Lt1000

    I have added a set of rear wheels to the front, i also cut the steering colum,its a hydrostatic now a 12 horse , i have a set of off road lights im putting in the grill part of the hood in front its my muddin tractor