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  1. Hydraulics
    I’m looking at a Prince 2 spool control for my old loader. I’ve got a 21 GPG gear pump on the PTO. This control has 25 GPG which I think will work. Actually I’m not 100% sure my pump is 21 GPG but it’s twice the weight as the one I took off 20 years ago and it’s a Prince and I’m only seeing...
  2. Mahindra
    In need of a FEL for 2615. Can anyone tell me what all will fit it? I understand they no longer make the ml106.
  3. John Deere Forum
    It appears that some moisture got into the hydraulics of my 45 loader for my X585. When I was putting it on for the first time this season today, the loader hydraulics were under pressure and would not connect (I know, seasonal temp changes). So, I had to manipulate the nipple on one of the...
  4. John Deere Forum
    Hello everyone, I've been asking you a lot of questions about loaders and hydraulics, and now I'm getting closer to mounting my new loader on the x595. My intention is to use the original mounting brackets (for Kioti CS2610) and adapt them to the tractor. Here is the original version: I...
  5. John Deere Forum
    Hey everyone. Spring projects are coming along, my order from the dealer is supposed to arrive today or tomorrow. I have 25 items ordered 😮😲can't wait to start tinkering...sadly I couldn't order a bunch of things that can only be sold in the CAPS...who knew :D but I am most saddened...
  6. John Deere Forum
    Hello everyone. A few weeks ago I got a Stoll 150L loader for my x595. It seems that the width between the arms is much smaller than the one on the 45 loader. This makes it very difficult to mount, as the footrest and the break are in the way. Since I have it, I'll have to make the necessary...
  7. Construction Equipment
    We need to know the firing order on the Waukesha GLB 190 gas engine and where is the number one cylinder located (front or back). Shields were removed to replace a hydraulic line and cattle played with the wiring on the other side. Its a Michigan 75 Loader from the 1970's, that otherwise runs...
  8. Other Brands of CUTs
    I am trying to help my father out and I installed a joystick on his loader. My problem is I ran it off one of the remotes. The remote has to be on constantly. This however doesn’t let the three point raise when the remote is in. Any advice on how to replumb it?
  9. Bolens Forum
    I am a new 1050 owner. Is there a loader attachment for the 1050 or a universal loader attachment that will fit it? Also, can I move gravel with the push blade that is already attached if I go lightly? How much work can I do with the push blade? Is there a video that I can watch that shows how...
  10. John Deere Forum
    Yes, that's what I'm considering. I bought it at a great price and it does a great job, but I recently bought a quick hitch for my x750 and I want to utilize that as much as possible. A tractor shovel would help me do that and I'd utilize the front blade too. A grapple purchase is also in the...
  11. Homemade Mini Loader

    my mini loader w. tracker parts
  12. Homemade Mini Loader

    my mini loader w. tracker parts
  13. Loader

  14. Loader

  15. Loader

  16. Mini Loader

    4 weeks
  17. Loader Project

    4 week
1-20 of 21 Results