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  1. Walk Behind Mowers
    Finally stuck the final touches on the mower today, degreased the whole deck, fixed the recoil issue and stuck on the new stickers. Graveyardmowerz does an amazing job on Lawnboy Stickers. I’m super proud of how this mower came out. From a mouse infested engine to a running, heathy mower. I’ve...
  2. Walk Behind Mowers
    Finally got around to pulling the decals off the 8270. The old ones were just too terrible to leave on. Graveyard Mowers has a great decal set for F Series Lawnboys. I tried to polish the shroud the best of my ability, if you recall in one my older posts you could really see how beat up the...
  3. Walk Behind Mowers
    My 8270 is frankenstined back together. Carburetor has been rebuilt (2nd time). The starter is gone, springs everytime and doesn’t retract again. Decided to just to use one out of the parts pile, will have to see how it runs after replacement. I will have to get new pins for the rollers but that...
  4. Walk Behind Mowers
    Mowing season is here and so are the Lawnboys. I have dug the majority of the mowers out of my shed but some new ones will have to wait such as the 7035. It’s a good mower that I have running now but it doesn’t have spot in the garage yet. I have replaced the shroud on my 7262 with a later white...
  5. Introductions
    Replaced the drive cable today but having trouble putting the cable guide that goes through the tension cable guide at the handle.
  6. Walk Behind Mowers
    Recently I bought a lawnboy model R8240 with the F engine, and blade clutch. It had a plastic carb on it that I thought was giving me issues. Swapped a metal Walbro on and it's still giving me issues no matter what I set the tune to. Exhaust ports are clean, unsure if there is a crank seal leak...
  7. Walk Behind Mowers
    The collection as so far 1973 7262 21 inch deck 1976-8? 7268 21 inch John Deere self propelled 1990s Lawnboy Gold series This is is just the ones that I have at my house for now. Got a lot more at my shed
  8. Walk Behind Mowers
    Looks like I found a 7268 mower. Kind of junk because it had been sitting in someone’s garage for the last 4 years and it has a mice nest in it somewhere. Also brought home a white 7262 shroud with the green and orange solid state stickers on it. Found 3 more blades for the 73. Probably gonna...
  9. Walk Behind Mowers
    In my opinion the greatest lawnboys built were from 65-75. That was when lawnboy was at its peak making good mowers that never died as long as you mixed the two stroke fuel right. After 75 the quality started going down on things slowly but surely. During the 80s, they came out with those junk...
  10. Walk Behind Mowers
    The little old lady down the street was giving away this mower for free with ten new spark plugs for some reason. Any idea what year or model it is? Also wondering what it’s worth because the paint is pretty much brand new and it’s barely used. Used it to cut the grass and it cuts really well...
  11. Walk Behind Mowers
    Picture of the old girl before cutting the yard this morning. I love the stance on these mowers. Still wish the mowers that are made today looked this cool
  12. Walk Behind Mowers
    Hi guys I picked up this old gilson snowblower and It has a lawn boy engine in it I had no use for the snowblower so I took it apart for the engine And i'm wondering if you have any info on this if you have ever seen one before or anything.And as usually I took some pictures (if this needs to be...
  13. Walk Behind Mowers
    Hello I just picked up this lawn boy brick top It is model 6255 It is a commercial mower but it is very rough ,It has a big crack in the magnesium deck and has some holes in it , And it has been repainted at some time, But after cleaning the points I managed to get it to run . :)
  14. Walk Behind Mowers
    I just picked up a pretty sweet one owner lawnboy 7263 from around 1974, which supposedly runs, however the recoil assembly is malfunctioning. I found a video how to remove one but it looked like a slightly different engine. There is a nut that is supposed to loosen which allows the recoil...
  15. Lawn Boys

    my collection anyone else in frerick,maryland area
  16. WARNING!

    NEVER tie rope to self propelled handle while mower is running.
  17. lawnboy 10600 deck

    this deck is going to have my lawnboy 7050 motor soon.
1-19 of 22 Results