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    Hey everyone, I'm moving from a town house in the city out to the country and have no idea about Lawn tractors. Uses Mowing slightly over 1 acre mostly flat with minimal obstacles. Snow blowing attachment in the winter with Ottawa Canada weather. Driveway is asphault and about 100ft. Plan on...
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    Could anyone tell me what the current equal is to the 445? I had an older model 445 with the longer nose, poor turn radius that I didn't love...but my F.I.L. has a "newer" model 445...I think it's his third... that I really like. I'm looking for something equivalent or better, but don't want...
  3. Introductions
    Hi all, TLDR: I want to start a lawn tractor project. Where do you start? How much money do you spend? What kind of tractors do you look out for? I am a new member and created an account for this forum to discuss lawn tractor projects. I bought a brand new poulan pro 42" riding mower three...
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    I am looking to buy a lawn tractor since I live on an acre and would rather not use my push mower this summer. My yard is flat and I would really only be using it for mowing (around 7/8 months) and with a bagging attachment for leaves. My budget is around $3,000 to $4,000 dollars. Right now I...
  5. Lawn tractor

    Hallo ich möchte gern Lawn Tractpr
  6. Massey Ferguson 1969

    Massey Ferguson 1969

    The hood just got repainted
  7. Massey Ferguson 1969

    Massey Ferguson 1969

    Just got back from a parade this day
  8. Massey Ferguson 1969

    Massey Ferguson 1969

    My Massey flexing. lol