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  1. Walk Behind Mowers
    I picked up this Lawn Boy 3002 "Buttercup" the other day from what I believe to be the original owners son, but could be wrong. It looked fairly good, so I decided to just try and put fuel in it and see what happened. To my surprise, it started right up, no problem! I love old OMC products.
  2. Walk Behind Mowers
    I've been trying to bring myself to post more often, as I've been a member for a couple of years but mainly read instead of type my own posts. To start out, my name is Mike, and it is a pleasure to be a part of this forum. So for today, I thought it'd be nice to show what I was working on...
  3. Walk Behind Mowers
    Hello I got my lawn boy model 3002 running but is idling high and I am wondering how I can turn it down. Im also wondering if someone has a picture of the kill switch on there buttercup beacuse mine is missing and i want to see what it looks like. Thanks. Nate
  4. Walk Behind Mowers
    Hi guys picked up a 1967 lawn boy buttercup the other night and I am need of a rod bearing for the engine if anyone knows where i could get one i would love the help. I also will be in need of some crankshaft seals for the engine also if you know where i could get some. Thanks Nate. Will add...
  5. Walk Behind Mowers
    Recently I bought a lawnboy model R8240 with the F engine, and blade clutch. It had a plastic carb on it that I thought was giving me issues. Swapped a metal Walbro on and it's still giving me issues no matter what I set the tune to. Exhaust ports are clean, unsure if there is a crank seal leak...
  6. Walk Behind Mowers
    Just seen these on ebay They look pretty good.I wonder how well they would hold up?
  7. Walk Behind Mowers
    I recently acquired a 1995 Lawn Boy 10418 with a B&S 4-stroke engine. Cleaned it up, put a new spark plug and air filter in it and got it running well but it cuts worse than any mower I have ever used. Took a closer look underneath and it has a mulching blade and a mulching fan. But it turns...
  8. Walk Behind Mowers
    Hi guys just wanted to show my recent find A model 8861 commercial lawnboy with a F series engine.I found this one at a Yard sale for 10 dollars!! I haven't seen if I can get this going yet but i'm guessing I can .The deck is cracked but I believe it can be welded.I also picked up a lawn boy...
  9. Walk Behind Mowers
    I was wondering if Taryl was ever gonna make a video on lawn boy, yay!
  10. Walk Behind Mowers
    Mowing with my lawn boy model 10547 and heard a very bad noise thought i hit something.I turned it off right away, tipped the mower on it side and seen this the Black mulching fan broke and it cracked my deck :confused:.
  11. Walk Behind Mowers
    Tore down an old 50's Mobile home that once lived a ww11 vet. I seen the handles sticking out from underneath the mobile home & pulled this neat LB out. It was about to be burned in the back 40 that day. The Calendar on the wall of the 50's mobile home was showing Jan 1990. My assumption is...
  12. Walk Behind Mowers
    So i decided to tear apart and rebuild my lawn boy 8481. Looking for advice and opinions on whether i should paint it lawn boy green and keep it looking factory original or should i do a crazy custom paint job on it? Im a highly skilled at automotive painting and have done some wicked custom...
  13. Walk Behind Mowers
    So last year i picked up a working lawn boy 8481 for $80 used it all last year and fell in love with it. However this year it started giving me some trouble and parts for it are pretty much nonexistent. The issue im facing is the gear in the transmission as im sure alot of you lawn boy...
  14. Walk Behind Mowers
    What can you guys tell me about International Harvester lawn boy mowers?I just picked one up its pretty rough but does run,What years were these made and are they hard to find?:unsure:
  15. .

    eBay/Craigslist/ Kijiji etc Finds
  16. Walk Behind Mowers
    Well here are all my lawn boy mowers as of Sunday October 11th .
  17. Walk Behind Mowers
    Hello i have a lawn boy model 7268,i dont know the exact year,But the lower crank seal has failed and im wondering where i can buy one ,i took the crank seal off and it says 8624 Thanks:)
  18. Walk Behind Mowers
    I have a lawn boy model 3053 and im wondering what you guys know about it and how much its worth it runs and cuts great!And also what year you guys think it would be . Thanks PS, I will get some pictures up later
1-19 of 32 Results