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  1. Kubota
    HELP ME OUT! I’m buying a new compact tractor. Green and orange have made it to the final round. I’m in northern Canada, it will be used for winter and summer jobs. It’s my first rodeo with these so I want to be sure I am choosing wisely. Why/why not John Deere? Why/why not Kubota? Please place...
  2. The Shed
    I have a Kubota forklift which has v3800 engine. I am having some regeneration issues. It's DPF is clooged. 3 months ago i bought a new DPF. But I still have the same problem. I tried to remove the DPF and have it cleaned manually but it reclogged in 1 week. It really bothers me. If there's...
  3. Kubota Forum
    I have a Kubota Direct Shoot and it won't pick up the grass clippings. I checked to see if the grass catcher gets clogged but it doesn't seem to get clogged. I've had it at several repair shops and even Kubota twice. They weren't able to solve the problem and told me it isn't a Kubota product so...
  4. Kubota
    Hello to all. I have a kibota 3901 and was in the middle of clearing out some small trees and brush. It was working perfectly and all of a sudden stopped working. It dosent even make any noise when I try to start it. I looked underneath and saw this part hanging and wondered if it has anything...
  5. Kubota
    I bought a B2150 that has been sitting for awhile. Everything is intact, original. I have cleaned it up, including all the nooks and crannies. Drained the oil, it looks good. I have gently turned it over a couple times by hand, seems fine. Getting ready to drop the pan and clean it for further...
  6. Kubota FAQ and Stickies Section
    I just purchased a B2150, I already have a 60” deck, RC60-21B, but do not have a drive and front link for the tractor. I am also interested in the 72“ deck, RC72-B. The driveline and front link also fit these mowers RC54-24B (MID MOUNT MOWER) RC54-FZ21 RC54-FZ21 (54" ROTARY MOWER...
  7. Kubota
    This is on a Kubota L3050 (with front loader). I ordered an OEM alternator plug, it wasn’t the part I needed. I need the plug that attached to the black green and red wires coming from next to the fuel filter. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
  8. Kubota
    My old Kubota L225DT won't go into 1st or 3rd; 5th or 7th. Works fine in Reverse, and in 2nd/6th and 4th/8th. I have been using it for the past few years like this, but I have the tractor split for a new Clutch, so was wondering if I could get some advice / suggestions on how to fix the shifting...
  9. Pit Row
    Hello, I just swapped the Kohler CV732-3011 engine (23.5 HP) on my Kubota Z724 ZTR to a Kawasaki FX730V (also 23.5 HP). Please note I didn't purchase new wiring harnesses, conversion kits, etc. as they are very expensive. I just disconnected the wires off the Kubota, installed the Kawasaki and...
  10. Kubota SCUT
    On July 30th I took delivery of my first 'real' tractor - I was going between an LS-MT2-35E and a Kubota (model hadn't been chosen at that point) I went with a fairly bare bones model for a few reasons, the main being it fit the CFO approval. I'm already feeling like I should have gone bigger...
  11. Backyard Round Table: L & G Tractor Related Topics
    I am looking to buy a lawn tractor since I live on an acre and would rather not use my push mower this summer. My yard is flat and I would really only be using it for mowing (around 7/8 months) and with a bagging attachment for leaves. My budget is around $3,000 to $4,000 dollars. Right now I...
  12. Introductions
    Hi all I just joined the forum, glad to make your virtual acquaintance :) I bought a GR2120 late last year mostly to mow my 1 acre (ish) property. I did want to stretch to a BX but I couldn't justify the extra cost and I wanted to be able to collect clippings to use as mulch on my vegetable...
  13. Kubota
    Le 4x4 ne fonctionne plus ... qqun a une idée du problème. Était fonctionnelle et a arrêter . Merci
  14. My new to me Kubota

    This is a great tractor
  15. My New Bx 2360

    front view, tie down points and front skid plate to protect steering cylinder
  16. My New Bx 2360

    New toy
  17. My BX2660

    Few Pics of my BX at work.
  18. My BX2660

    Few Pics of my BX at work.
  19. My BX2660

    Few Pics of my BX at work.
  20. Jesus loves Tractors

    The song by Sven Curth:
1-20 of 27 Results