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john deere 400
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  1. John Deere Forum
    I have recently purchased a John Deere 400. It has about 1/2 a turn of slop in the steering wheel. I was wondering what I need to replace for it to take up the slack. The axle has no play in it and the tie rods are good.
  2. John Deere 400 W/loader

    A useful machine the 400 John Deere W/a loader
  3. John Deere 400 W/loader

    A nice old 120
  4. John Deere 400 W/loader

    The loader can lift 450lbs John Deere 400
  5. John Deere 400 W/loader

    A good worker this John Deere 1966 110
  6. My Son And My Jd 400

    Pic of my son on my John Deere 400 garden tractor.
1-6 of 6 Results