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    My 6200 John Deere has recently threw a leg out of bed and I’m wondering if a CD4045 will fit as a replacement engine instead of the 4039 that it come from factory as it’s only engine I can Aquire?
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    We have an older 755 Tractor (not lawn tractor - full-size tractor with bucket, 3 point hitch, etc.) - I received one of the many emails I get every day that discussed a Homesteader tractor from John Deere - 3025E. My wife and I have been talking about maybe we need a tractor one or two sizes...
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    I'm a complete newbie to lawn tractors (and small engine work in general) but I picked up project that I'm hoping you guys can help me out with, getting a torn down 116 to a workable condition. I'm hoping to use this discussion board as a way to get advice from some of you pros who have put...
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    Hi I was wondering if anyone knew if another snow blade could fit on the John deere 185 Hydro other than the recommended. Thanks, Logan
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    Just bought a 318 but it didn’t have a deck or mule drive. I found a 317 with a 48” deck and mule drive, Will these fit on my 318?
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    So I have stumbled upon a free 318 with snow blade and belly mower. Am I going down a rabbit hole or is it worth the time and effort to make run again. I know I'm going to need help from this forum if I tackle this project.
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    Saw these 2 JD tractors today on my way to my doctor appointment, figured I would share......
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    Hi all! New to the forum and new to Deere. Just picked up an X720 and in the same day a 3 bagger system with power flow head. Issue was that the only “mounting” hardware that came with the power flow was the “Z” bar that holds the power flow to the deck. I went to several JD dealers and none of...
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    Hi, I have a JD X496. I left the key in and the battery died. We tried to boost it off but I did not attach the positive terminal to the JD battery good enough. It fell over and shorted out the battery. The electronics started smoking and white smoke clouds Came off. I bought a new battery and...
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    Anyone had any issues with hydraulics on John Deere X740? Forward and reverse works fine but I have no steering or deck lift. Tried changing hydro oil and filter but it's still the same. There was originally a hole in the filter but it was spotted and changed? If I drive around the steering...
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    Hi, i have a 79 212 that has been sitting for 9 years with a blown head gasket. I sourced a new head (original was warped), and purchased head gasket, carb rebuild kit, other gaskets, ignition switch, points, condenser, plug wire, battery from dealership. I torqued the head per manual, and...