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  1. Massey Ferguson
    Hi, I don't know much about these Hydro units, hoping someone can advise. Sorry it's such a long story, but I thought the details might help: A month ago I started up one of my two 1650s and when I pulled the lever to lift the (front) snowthrower, a large quantity of hydro fluid spewed out at...
  2. Simplicity/Allis Chalmers Forum
    Hey Folks, I just acquired two Simplicity lawn tractors - a 712H and a 7016. Actually the 712h is an Allis Chalmers. They were both pretty rough but I got them both for $150. I got the 712h running after a battery, cleaning carb and points and a new fuel pump. It even moved under its own...
  3. Hydraulics
    I want to put hydro lift on my ford 100 but I don't know how. I dont know much about a hydro system. Has anyone done it and how should I do it?
  4. Front Mount ZTR
    I have a John Deere Z225 zero turn presenting with a hesitation issue in the right hydro. (I recently replaced the seal on the left one, and I'm told these hydro issues come in pairs). To describe what happens, I'll start with when I first noticed an issue. On an incline, I would have the lap...
  5. 782_side

    Cub 782 Hydro
1-5 of 5 Results