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  1. Husqvarna/Dixon
    Hi guys i need some help with my husky LTH1536. it has a 15hp kholer courage OHV. I cleaner the carburettor a few months ago with oven cleaner, i know I shouldn’t have but anyway. In doing so i broke fuel soliniod wire. I have made a new one and used 2.5mm wire and used two solderless crimp on...
  2. Husqvarna/Dixon
    I have a husky lth1536 with a kholer courage sv471 15hp OHV. I recently took apart the carby to give it a clean with some oven cleaner. yes i know I should have just bought some carby cleaner and not taken it off but anyways. Cleaning the carby broke a wire at the top it was small and had a...