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  1. MTD
    I have a 23hp Huskee (14AR807P131) with electric clutch 5-3/8 pulley for my 50" deck and can get a deal on a 54" deck that mounts the same but the Huskee that it was on has a 24ph and the clutch pulley is 6". Does it seem like it would work out fine?
  2. MTD
    Hello, i bought this Huskee Supreme GT a few months ago because the previous owner said it was having trouble climbing hills. I started with new belts and some odds and ends to get it ready for the cutting season. After the new belts (all 3 of them) it seemed to pull hills just fine. Now I'm...
  3. Huskee

    Removed blown engine from Huskee Supreme and looking for a replacement engine.
  4. Huskee Supreme

    Huskee Supreme with a blown B&S 18.5 hp motor and a 42 in. deck. Looking for a replacement engine.
  5. Huskee Supreme

    Huskee Supreme with a 20 hp Kohler and a 46 in deck.
1-5 of 5 Results