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  1. Walk Behind Mowers
    I thought my newly purchased HRC was a little plain looking so I created a custom decal. My go to for custom decals is Vintage Reproductions (clickitandstickit) Before & After pics
  2. ATV's, RTV's, UTV's, and Snow Mobiles
    I have a couple 110 cc clone atvs that just constantly confound me, they will purr like a kitten u park them overnight and they wont run, anyway here's the deal I jump started one of them today for my daughter and let her ride it for about an hour with no battery, then suddenly it just cuts off...
  3. DC38A201-6D53-4C7A-9D78-54D77C9DF3F9.jpeg

    Honda HRN-216. This mower did a great job on overgrown grass was 400mm tall and work great with dull blades. Got a 4.9hp honda engine. Self propelled
  4. Honda
    I made a video because I thought that there was no high quality ht3813 video on removing the engine or any good shots of it. Here it is, I needed to replace the starter, so i did that and a timing belt for the heck of if and left useful info.
  5. Honda
    I have been trying to get my old Honda running again, but I have a fuel problem. I've cleaned the carb and replaced the fuel line and filter. If I hold the carb in my hand and turn the key on the float and needle valve work perfectly. Even if I turn I'd sideways to some degree, and if I continue...
  6. Honda
    Hi all, here is a video I made for the install of the 46" mid-mount mower deck. It's not the best quality but there isn't anything else on YouTube like it at the moment. Hopefully it can help others. It's not the simplest install but I really enjoy the tractor with the snow blower attached as...
  7. Small Engines and Repair
    Howdy all! I hope this the correct section to post this, as you can tell, I'm new so my apologies if it is not! Setup Engine: Honda GX690 Equipment: Stump Grinder Engine hours: 20 Issue: On key turn engine makes a single quiet click. I can get the starter to spin if I jump the two terminals on...
  8. Honda
    Can anyone diagnose this non-start issue I’m having with my Honda HT4514? When I first removed the carb there was actually dried fuel flakes filling the float bowl. There was zero gas getting in. I tore the carb down, meticulously cleaned it , and put a Shindy rebuild kit in it. I set the...
  9. Honda
    Hi I currently have a Honda 16hp V-twin engine on a Countax C600h which won't crank, i have a fully charged battery which is connected, all the safety switches are bypassed to rule these out. When i turn the key it just clicks and the starter motor doesn't engage at all. when I bench tested the...
  10. Honda 3813

    My Honda Tractor
  11. Honda 3813

    My Honda Tractor
  12. HONDA 5518

  13. Honda H5518A2

    I just bought this last month and I love it.
1-13 of 13 Results