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  1. Ford/New Holland Tractors
    Howdy! I have a 2001 TN55….the steering is funky. Sometimes it wont steer at all then sometimes it steers a little. I can spin the steering wheel around and around and many times……nothing…..sometimes it steers hard, sometimes I spin the wheel around and around and it will slowly react…...
  2. Pit Row
    Can someone please point me in the right direction of finding a center spindle/arbor assembly for a 2005 ( I believe) Dixon ZTR ram 44. It’s a great mower I love it but I cannot for the life of me find a compatible part.
  3. MTD
    My 2015 Bronco (model 13wv78ks011) won't start and blows fuses immediately on turning the key. The problem started when the key got snagged and yanked out of the ignition, the mower continued running and then choked it out to stop the engine. Replaced ignition switch already. the next likely...
  4. The Barn
    I bought this rotary cutter last week and it has no brand name on it. Besides the blades say bush hog. I'll attach pictures. Thank you
  5. John Deere Forum
    I just recently had my piston rings replaced and it ran amazing for a couple hours after that. Until I started it one day to plow my driveway and it overheated, I replaced the coolant and now after 5 minutes of running at half throttle it overheats. Please help me
  6. For Sale & Wanted to Buy (Your Location)
    Looking for 3 of these EXACT gas tank gauges below in my screenshot from my phone. I need one for my newest 6 horsepower Craftsman, one for my 10 horsepower Craftsman, and one for my stepdads Craftsman. I found ones that look like this on Ebay BUT not exactly like this. If someone has one or...
  7. John Deere Forum
    I just got a used quick hitch with angling that does not have the colored dust caps. Where do I put the hoses, which ports. Does anyone have a picture or something so u can get them hooked up right.
  8. WorkShops, Garage and Shed Discussions
    That's right we bought another lifetime shed from BJ's, but this time I did so it's mine!! It was the floor model and I got it for a screamin' deal at $940. I paid for it and my stepdad took it apart, as that was part of the deal and labeled every piece. I think I bought it a month ago, I would...
  9. John Deere Forum
    Ok first I promise I tried to understand a previous post about something similar on here and i got so lost.... I've got a lx280... it's got a 42c deck under it... My old deck has had it and I'm looking for one... What decks will interchange with my lawnmower and/or if I find a used one what...
  10. Kubota
    HELP ME OUT! I’m buying a new compact tractor. Green and orange have made it to the final round. I’m in northern Canada, it will be used for winter and summer jobs. It’s my first rodeo with these so I want to be sure I am choosing wisely. Why/why not John Deere? Why/why not Kubota? Please place...
  11. Introductions
    I recently got a older mower from a friend and was going to be my transportation around out little town. I’m currently starting it with a drill and on a good day it will run for 20 mins max ive cleaned the carb it has good spark but I don’t know where to get parts at all. I can’t find anything...
  12. Other Brands
    I've got a Branson 6640c tractor that needs a new ac compressor, the sticker with the parts number has since worn off, can anyone help me, we have searched all through the internet with no luck.
  13. Other Brands of GT's
    hello everyone i’m new to the forum im looking for more information on this tractor i was given, i’m trying to restore it and make it look and run good, so far i’m having trouble starting it, looks like the spark cable is not outputting enough voltage to the spark plug i know it’s a lawn lion...
  14. Craftsman/Sears Forum
    I'm just curious I'm looking for a spring for the deck any know what it should be.
  15. Ford/New Holland Tractors
    First off, hello as I am new to the forum and tractors in general. I mostly work on automotive stuff and am a diy'er in that world. The tractor has a power steering box leak that defies my intuition. It leaks from the valve and steering arm junction on the box (pointed in red) once the tractor...
  16. Cub Cadet SCUT
    I have a sc2400 with a 3 cylinder diesel that starts really roughly in colder weather. I'm wondering if one of my glow plugs isn't heating up so a cylinder isn't firing. And if there is a way to check. Or if something else might be to blame. Details: I turn the key to golw plug, hold for 5-10...
  17. Full Size Implements and Accessories
    Hello all, I have a John Deere 348 that I use to bale shredded paper. I’ve got a custom paper shredder that feeds directly into it so I can shred and bale several large rolls of paper at once. In about eight hours my guys can usually knock out 120 55lb bales. My issue right now is that the...
  18. Snapper Forum
    Came into possession of a Snapper LT16. Engine runs good and I got it with a snowblower and a mower deck. So I have a spring that I don't know where it goes. Picture attached. I thought it was a yoke spring but if it is I have no clue where it attaches. If it makes a difference. Forward and...
  19. Backyard Round Table: L & G Tractor Related Topics
    I recently picked up this old garden tractor from an auction and I have no information about it. All I know is that under the blue paint is yellowish orange paint, and I think it has an Allis Chalmers engine. I will gladly send more pictures to anyone who asks.
1-19 of 30 Results