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  1. John Deere
    Hello everyone! Just purchased a 755 and already moved some dirt with it! One thing I noticed (after I got dark out) is the right side lights do not work but the left does. The fender headlight and taillights do not function on the right at all, but the left side has hazards and lights as...
  2. John Deere Forum
    I have a L118 that clicks, but doesn't start. I had unplugged the headlight harness thanks to hungry mice, and wondered if the starting problem was related to the harness removal. I verified the battery, solenoid and fuse are AOK. I remember reading about a broken ground from the headlight...
  3. John Deere Forum
    Hey all, I have an LTR 166 and I cant seem to diagnose why the headlights just failed. I was mowing late and the lights would turn off and back on sporadically until they wouldnt turn back on at all. Its not the bulbs. I had installed a new ignition switch (aftermarket, for what its worth)...
1-3 of 3 Results