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  1. For Sale & Wanted to Buy (Your Location)
    FOR SALE - Gravely Walk Behind Tractor, 1971 Super Convertible C8, Serial number 70743, 7.6 hp, solid rubber tires, big plug mower deck, rotary plow. One set of dual wheel adapters. Additional transmission with handle bars, regular tires, no engine or accessory extension. Tractor is kept in dry...
  2. Gravely
    Is there a way to add a snow blade to a zero turn Gravely 160Z? It sounds crazy but could it happen?
  3. Introductions
    Is an 1985 Gravely 8179 KT with Hydraulic lift, Snow Blower, Mower deck and removable snow cab a good purchase at $1900? Or is that a bit high? I live where it snows in Indiana so it would be nice. With the attachments I thought it was a good value. Any comments? Has anyone ever seen a...
  4. Introductions
    Got my first Gravely 2 wheel in 1958 for tilling and planting nursery stock. In 1965I brought it to New Hampshire to help build campsites. It was my grading tool from 1965 through 1969 when I bought my first Skid Steer which, coincidentally, mounts all of its attachments on the front! Many...
  5. Gravely
    Here's the link to listing: Link to pictures and video:
  6. For Sale & Wanted to Buy (Your Location)
    hi folks, was planning on getting this cleaned up put back in service, but just hasn't happened and tired of hearing wife complaining about keeping it. The only issue is the battery is not getting recharged during use. i also understand its not a biggie to fix. Haven't fired her up in a few...
  7. Gravely
    Just bought a new home and have a lot my leaves than my previous. I have a 2016 Gravely ZT XL 52 with the stock blades. Just wondering what setup others on doing to to their mowers. I don’t have a ton of leaves but more than my mower will mow up in a couple passes. Mulch kit, chute block or...
  8. Gravely
    Hi, I'm currently restoring a 1959 Gravely D. I'm at the stage now where i will need to buy new piston rings soon, what would be the recommended end gap on all three rings? So i can work out the current overall wear for the new rings. Thanks Chris
  9. Gravely
    I bought a Gravely 16G. It has an Onan 16.5 HP CCKa-MS. It runs well and makes good power. The charging system isn’t working. The stator is producing 26 volt AC at the leads. The original 4 wire rectifier/regulator from Onan is no longer available. I have put on a 3 wire 15 amp Kohler regulator...
  10. Gravely
    My new to me professional 16G rider has turned out to be a disappointment. It runs great but it gets stuck in the snow all the time. It has the 48” snowblower and on the slightest grade it gets stuck. It has turf tires, chains and wheel weights. Any help would be appreciated.
  11. Gravely Pto And Lift

    Gravely Pto And Lift

    Cleaning out my garage I found the Power Take Off parts from my 1964 Gravely Lawn Tractor and Snowplow... Still sorry I let my son talk me into disposing of it and wish the internet had been around to get it a new home. Any one need?
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  13. Family Portrait 2

    Family Portrait 2

    Gravely 18G and 816, this time from the other angle. The 816 has a newly painted hood and a bunch of mechanical upgrades.
  14. Gravely 816 Project Tractor

    Gravely 816 Project Tractor

    The original 816 now has a transmission, engine, and frame from newer model Gravelys. I've taken to calling it the "816 Custom" since there has been so much done to it. This pic is with a newly painted hood and front grill.
  15. Gravely 18G Completely Outfitted For Winter

    Gravely 18G Completely Outfitted For Winter

    48" Snow blade, front and rear wheel weights, and chains installed. All the paint has been touched up so this machine is at last 100%
  16. My '73 Model C8

    My '73 Model C8

  17. My '63 Model L

    My '63 Model L

  18. Gravely 18G With 50" MMM

    Gravely 18G With 50" MMM

  19. My Gravely

    My Gravely

    Since new in 1974 about to restore
  20. My Gravely

    My Gravely

    Since new in 1974 about to restore