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  1. Gilson-Montgomery Ward Mfr's.
    Hello I have a what I believed is a 1974-75 gilson/ MW garden tractor with a 302437-0137 Briggs and Stratton horizontal engine I believe it has a PTO system. I would like to know the model number of the tractor and the horse power of the engine. Thank you here are some pics to help identify.
  2. Walk Behind Mowers
    Hi guys I picked up this old gilson snowblower and It has a lawn boy engine in it I had no use for the snowblower so I took it apart for the engine And i'm wondering if you have any info on this if you have ever seen one before or anything.And as usually I took some pictures (if this needs to be...
  3. Ford/Post 1990 New Holland
    Hello all, I'm trying to troubleshoot an issue with a 1989 lgt-18h with an Eaton 1100 and can't help but think I'm missing something so figured I'd see what advice you can give me. While mowing, I all of a sudden lost pressure in the forward/reverse hydro pedals. Normally there is some...
  4. Gilson-Montgomery Ward Mfr's.
    Hello, I am working on a Gilson 53040. Can't find much information online about it. I need new oil in the transmission, can anyone tell me what spec.oil to use? There is a plate (attatched photo) on the trans. that seem to read "PEERLESS 9304 208...".
  5. My Ex Gilson

1-5 of 5 Results