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  1. GE Elec-Trak model E-10M

    My E10M electrak hiding under the cover - great little mower - next to be restored - runs good now, but needs some serious TLC.
  2. Tractor repair stand

    I installed this ATV winch to haul up, and let down the tractor onto the stand via a set of ramps. Very handy since the tractor up there now weighs about 850lbs.
  3. Tractor repair stand

    Handy-dandy homemade stand for repair/restore projects. Great for us geezers with bum knees !
  4. GE Electrak E15 Restoration

    Pic's from last summer's E-15 restoration project. Head -on view of front battery compartment showing 2 of the 6 batteries, and the self-contained charger.
1-4 of 4 Results