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  1. Backyard Round Table: L & G Tractor Related Topics
    I purchased an LT 11 ford as my gateway drug and now I want to partake in sled pulling at local fairs and such. I've heard the good and the bad of many tractors but please give me you opinions I am new and need to learn. Please let me know if more info is needed and be specific with answers (eg...
  2. Ford/New Holland Tractors
    Hi all, I had the carb on my 1963 Ford 2000 (4cyl gas) rebuilt. Threw it on and held the choke down and she started. But when I let off the choke she sputtered and died. Tried starting after that but nothing. Tried adjusting all the needles still nothing. Compression is there, spark is there...
  3. Backyard Round Table: L & G Tractor Related Topics
    I have a 1985ish Ford LT12 and it is missing one of its pulleys. I’m not sure if I can simply order the size I need or if it must be a specific one. I figured there would be some well knowing individuals on here that could give me guidance Thanks Sam
  4. Backyard Round Table: L & G Tractor Related Topics
    I just picked up a 1985ish Ford LT12 and I’m not sure it’s a garden tractor anymore it maybe a lawn tractor but anyway can I still use it for sled pulling or no? It has a briggs 12hp and a gear driven trans
  5. Ford/New Holland Tractors
    First off, hello as I am new to the forum and tractors in general. I mostly work on automotive stuff and am a diy'er in that world. The tractor has a power steering box leak that defies my intuition. It leaks from the valve and steering arm junction on the box (pointed in red) once the tractor...
  6. Ford
    I have a Ford 1620 that belonged to my dad before he passed away. The tractor has been setting up a minimum of 4 to 5 years. What steps would I need to take in order to get it going again?
  7. Ford/Post 1990 New Holland
    Asking to see if anyone knows how to turn up the fuel on a Ford GT75. It has the Shibaura E673 diesel engine. Not looking to do anything crazy, just looking to add a little HP and a little bit of smoke...makes mowing more fun🤭. TIA
  8. Gilson-Montgomery Ward Mfr's.
    I have an old 1986 Ford/Gilson LT11 Lawn Tractor that I am restoring. I installed a new battery, drove it for about 5 minutes and began to smell wires burning. Turned off, and found that the wires coming from under the engine cover were melted. I repaired the wires, charged the battery, added...
  9. Ford/New Holland Tractors
    New to the forum and new to heavy equipment. I have A Ford 555 Backhoe not sure what year or if it’s 555 ABC or D if there is such a thing. Anyways I change the head gasket and put a new radiator and water pump. Been sitting overwinter I’ve been higher elevation in New Mexico by Colorado...
  10. Ford/Post 1990 New Holland
    Hello all, I recently purchased a 1988 Ford LGT14H, model 09GN2208, for $50. I have it running mechanically pretty solid, and everything seems to work. However, I am having a couple of issues that I need some help with as I cannot seem to find information on the brake system on these...
  11. Ford/Post 1990 New Holland
    Hey guys I recently got into lawn mower restoring and I have my mind set on a Ford to restore any opinions on what model? I like them all I can't decide which one would be the best I would like to use it for mowing lawn and tractor shows, plowing snow.
  12. Ford/Post 1990 New Holland
    I restored a Ford LGT 195 and as luck would have it, my starter bracket broke. The problem is the bracket is a part of the oil pan on a Kohler K532QS. I’ve had no luck finding an oil pan. If anyone knows where one is or I can get one it would be much appreciated or if you have any solutions...
  13. Ford/Post 1990 New Holland
    Hello all, I'm trying to troubleshoot an issue with a 1989 lgt-18h with an Eaton 1100 and can't help but think I'm missing something so figured I'd see what advice you can give me. While mowing, I all of a sudden lost pressure in the forward/reverse hydro pedals. Normally there is some...
  14. Ford/Post 1990 New Holland
    hey so my ignition went shot on my closed side lgt. And I can't seem to find a switch (5 prong) with the right orientation. Does anybody by chance have a wiring diagram for that switch and maybe (even better) have a part number for an after market switch?
  15. Ford/Post 1990 New Holland
    Found a guy with a 165, and a 145, with only 1 14hp kohler. 165 currently has the loader on it, wheel weights and chains. No other attachments and he wants 2500 for all that? Am I to cheap or is that to expensive?
  16. Ford/Post 1990 New Holland
    Greetings! I hope ALL are having a Pleasant, Peaceful, Healthful Day. I'm in Search of Owners & Technical Repair & Maintenance Manuals for my Little Blue & White FORD LT 80. I believe she is as old as the Briggs & Stratton 8 HP Engine that's powering her (191707 0645-99 76120911, Born: December...
  17. Ford/New Holland Tractors
    I have a Diesel Ford 4400 1967 model tractor. My instrument panel wasn't working when I bought this 4400. I have found a number of issues with wiring being connected to wrong things. I fixed the oil light tot he instrument panel and traced several other wires to find some issues i have...
  18. Hydraulics
    new to machinery.. I just got a 2000 New Holland 555e. I had to change a leaky fitting.. I noticed that the hydraulic fluid was milky. Is there anyway to get rid of the moisture w/out having to do a complete fluid change. thanks.
  19. '48 Ford 8n

    This is the semi restored 8N the way it looked when I brought it home. Did some minor work on it since then and delivered to my father 2 months ago.
1-19 of 35 Results