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    My oil filter retention spring for my Ford 3000 3 cylinder diesel is missing and I can't find it anywhere. It has a front end loader so I don't know if I can upgrade to the spin on and it would fit. does anybody know where I could find this spring or something I could replace it with? also this...
  2. Ford/New Holland Tractors
    Hello Everyone, I help manage a family property about 100 acres that i also live on. One of my Favorite tools despite having newer smaller subcompact tractors is the ford 3000. I'm unsure of the year though I don't think it matters for this issue. Recently the guy who cut our hay fields...
  3. Ford/New Holland Tractors
    Hey guys, I am wondering how I tell what kind of pto setup I have. I’m unsure how to tell the difference with independent and live or even if I have dual clutch without having to split it. I can’t engage pto with tractor running as it just grinds gears with clutch engaged or not (I think if it...
  4. My Wife would rather mow than cook dinner

    My Wife would rather mow than cook dinner