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  1. IH Farmall
    Hello All, Hoping someone with some experience can help with a little mystery that’s driving me up the wall regarding my ‘41 Farmall. Got the tractor from a relative in 2012. Decent shape and ran with a new battery and a fresh tank of fuel. Rough but ran well enough to sprint around the block...
  2. Introductions
    Hello everyone I’m new to the group I have several tractors and from time to time need help or advice, info etc.
  3. IH Farmall
    any idea on how much paint it will take to do a Farmall BN? trying to get an idea on how many gallons i might need. also does anyone use a clear coat or just hardener in the paint?
  4. Ih Farmall H 1951 Tractor

    IH FARMALL H 1951 Tractor, Was going to sell her with a broken starter. When we took the starter off,and put it back on, Voila! She Fired Up! Think I'll Keep Her!
  5. My 1066

    My families 1066 turbo with a ditcher on the back.
  6. 1942 Farmall Bn

    my fully restored pride
  7. 1942 Farmall Bn

    my tractor fully restored
  8. my farmall

    1945 all fuel farmall A
  9. Our 3 Farmalls

    The first tractor is a 1939 Farmall A that was modified to make a high crop tractor for genseng farmaing. The middle tractor is my wife's 1945 A that was found in Glendive Montana and the one on the right is my B that I built from a pile of parts.
1-10 of 10 Results