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  1. IH Farmall
    Hi All, So if I'm in the wrong area, please advised me. I am trying to get the Amp Gauge to work on my Father In Laws Farmall Super C. It seems that there are some missing wires and I was wondering if anyone had some wiring diagrams that could help me? I attached a picture of what the current...
  2. IH Farmall
    I am buying a farmall super m with live hydraulics and it comes with a loader. My question is does it have hydraulic curling, I was looking at the pictures and I don’t see any hydraulic cylinders for the curling. Thank you, Mike.
  3. IH Farmall
    First time posting, and first time re-building a carb! I have a 45 Farmall with a Marvel Schebler TSX-157. I got the tractor running, but it was rough and needed full choke. It was also dripping fuel out of the underside of the bowl. So I've pulled it apart and cleaned it. My question is about...
  4. IH Farmall
    I have two 1953 Super M's and after 10+ years of them not being started (sitting in a metal barn) the one started right up after some normal stuffs (oil change, new gas, clean the points, new plugs & clean metal bits on the wires etc.). The other Super is giving me some trouble. Went through...
  5. IH Farmall
    Hello All, Hoping someone with some experience can help with a little mystery that’s driving me up the wall regarding my ‘41 Farmall. Got the tractor from a relative in 2012. Decent shape and ran with a new battery and a fresh tank of fuel. Rough but ran well enough to sprint around the block...
  6. Introductions
    Hello everyone I’m new to the group I have several tractors and from time to time need help or advice, info etc.
  7. IH Farmall
    any idea on how much paint it will take to do a Farmall BN? trying to get an idea on how many gallons i might need. also does anyone use a clear coat or just hardener in the paint?
  8. Ih Farmall H 1951 Tractor

    IH FARMALL H 1951 Tractor, Was going to sell her with a broken starter. When we took the starter off,and put it back on, Voila! She Fired Up! Think I'll Keep Her!
  9. My 1066

    My families 1066 turbo with a ditcher on the back.
  10. 1942 Farmall Bn

    my fully restored pride
  11. 1942 Farmall Bn

    my tractor fully restored
  12. my farmall

    1945 all fuel farmall A
  13. Our 3 Farmalls

    The first tractor is a 1939 Farmall A that was modified to make a high crop tractor for genseng farmaing. The middle tractor is my wife's 1945 A that was found in Glendive Montana and the one on the right is my B that I built from a pile of parts.
1-14 of 14 Results