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  1. John Deere Forum
    Picked up a used Harbor Freight 1 ton engine hoist, and I want to remove and reinstall my B43G engine with it. I've never removed an engine before, so I'm looking for some guidance on where and how to attach the engine to the hoist hook? I have 3 or 4 chains that I got from the guy that sold me...
  2. Construction Equipment
    We need to know the firing order on the Waukesha GLB 190 gas engine and where is the number one cylinder located (front or back). Shields were removed to replace a hydraulic line and cattle played with the wiring on the other side. Its a Michigan 75 Loader from the 1970's, that otherwise runs...
  3. Caterpillar
    Backhoe has sat for 7 years and I have been slowly rebuilding some stuff on this machine and have had the main bearings recently replaced as well as valve lash done by a machinist. That got the engine going and it sounds great. Have been starting it to flush fluids and after about 10-20 minutes...
  4. A great way to start an engine.

    My 72 ward starting an engine with the pto.
1-6 of 6 Results