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    My dog (Brody---golden doodle) always sleeps with my parents and I want him to start sleeping with me I have moved his bed to my room. Should I close the door at night etc.
  2. Cheech


    Cheech in COORS box
  3. Bostion Terrier

    Bostion Terrier

  4. Our dogs

    Our dogs

    Here is bud after we had his cuts sewn back up, poor guy that was awful for Him but now he is like brand new.
  5. Our dogs

    Our dogs

    This is our allie mae. she is more of a baby than a dog. Very dainty.
  6. Our dogs

    Our dogs

    This bud and allie, bud is on the left and he is a huge jack russel and allie is a beagle mix
  7. Tom, Jerry & Sassy

    Tom, Jerry & Sassy

    Tom, Jerry & Sassy soaking up the sun.
  8. Around the house

    Around the house