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  1. Massey-Harris/Massey Ferguson
    My husband is working on his MF 175 diesel, and I may need to start two separate threads on forum. Today he is looking for a wiring diagram with color codes. He has emptied fuel tank and will replace fuel pump, and fuel tank valve. Now that it’s apart, he can see the wiring is in need of...
  2. Yanmar
    I have a Digger Derek machine with a YANMAR 3 cylinder diesel, it used to start up at the touch of the key. Now it cranks, and cranks, and cranks, it will eventually start but a hassle now. I have already replaced the glow plugs, inline electric fuel pump, fuel lines, fuel filter, moisture...
  3. John Deere
    Re: 3-Cyl Yanmar Diesel Engine Model: 3TN82-RJK for John Deere 770 (PC2227) Compact Utility Tractor My #3 Cylinder Fuel Injector Top has created a fuel leak in the T-Fitting of the fuel leak-off line. I want to replace the entire Fuel Injection Nozzle (AM875411) just to be safe. I have never...
  4. BIG John Deeres
    We just purchased a used 1600 turbo lawn tractor. It runs fine, drives fine, but as soon as the blades engage it's like it can't handle the load. I've tried cutting thin, dry grass and the engine sounds like it's under huge stress. We've tried testing the turbo and that appears to be working...
  5. Introductions
    Hi everyone. I am impressed with this site after just a few minutes. Huge thank you to the creators and administrators. It seems full of genuine friendly folks and that's all you can ask for really. Anyway here's a few words about how I ended up being here 👍 I took the step 3 years ago to sell...
  6. Diesel Engine

    my engine for sale $450 obo
  7. little stinker

    Jap diesel 3.5 hp
1-7 of 7 Results