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  1. John Deere SCUT
    Hello All, I am debating taking the plunge on 1023E this week. I was quoted 18K for autoconnect 54D deck, 120R Front Loader, and Ballast box. Do you guy think that is a decent price. My bigger question is do you see any negatives to buying a 54D deck off a 2012-2014 1023E or 1025R. I see...
  2. For Sale & Wanted to Buy (Your Location)
    For Sale: 1989 John Deere 318. This unit has been repowered with an 18hp Honda motor. It starts and runs great! This Deere has a swapped-in transmission from a Deere 420 giving strength and a rear locking differential. Newer tires, rears are larger than OEM. Comes with a 50" mower deck...
  3. John Deere Forum
    Hello All, I am coming from a LX277 that I bought used. It only has a litter over 400 hours on it but I keep having issues with it that end up taking up my time to repair. Its a 20 year old tractor so I guess that's to be expected. My wife told me to just buy a new one so I stop spending my...
  4. John Deere Forum
    I have a Deere G100 and a guy selling a Scotts 30" Mechanical tiller (M0SCTLX) that I want to put on it. Will this bolt up with the right hardware? Not sure what the difference is between the Scotts and Deere tillers. Is it just the color, black vs yellow? The M0SCTLX tillers are made for...
  5. John Deere Forum
    Hello, I have a LX 277 I purchased about 2 years ago with 360 hours on it. I now have a little over 400 hours on the machine. Since I have owned it the mower has always started up. It was running a lousy at one time but I did the tune up kit with the new spark plugs, air filter, fuel filter...
  6. John Deere SCUT
    I made my 45 loader a skid steer quick attach system, so I could use proper forks. That worked well. Now I want a grapple. I have a summit hydraulics diverter valve that I want to split the curl function. Has anyone brainstormed ways to mount this conveniently on the tractor without tearing into...
  7. John Deere Forum
    I’m having issues after a few days of researching finding parts needed to attach a second hand 44” snowblower to my X300. I have the blower and the front quick attach hitch. I need basically all of the lifting parts from the quick hitch back. Does anyone have a parts drawing for the lifting...
  8. Home Made Tractors, Implements and Accessories
    I built this cultivator for my garden a couple of weeks ago and thought I would share. Here is a gallery link to pictures of the build process. :)
  9. BIG John Deeres
    Can anyone help me to fix my 2750 clutch I put a new slave cylinder and master cylinder on now I can not get my tractor in to gear it’s like the clutch is not releasing can anyone help
  10. Introductions
    Hello everyone I’m new to the group I have several tractors and from time to time need help or advice, info etc.
  11. Hydraulics
    Hello, Do you know how can I solve the fluctuation of the hydraulic system (hiccups) on an old (2003) John deere 5700 tractor, the system is the same of all of the JD 5 series? The tractor was working well, then the hydraulics don't lift the heavy implements, so I sent the pump and the valves...
  12. John Deere Forum
    Hello all, I've got a '73 jd 112 that I adjusted the variator on ( lever in 5th position, loosen the front cap screw, turn over the engine to raise pedal, tighten cap screw). Now the variator is working correctly in 1st position, but the clutch pedal goes all the way down, and at its highest is...
  13. Backyard Round Table: L & G Tractor Related Topics
    I have a John Deere 1025R that I got last year and I'm looking at adding a rototiller to it. I've priced out rototillers for it and can get the 4' CountyLine from TSC locally and the Deere Frontier RT1149 for a few hundred dollars more. Part of the sales pitch on the Deere is the availability...
  14. John Deere Forum
    The welded spider gears on the k46 provided excellent traction but ultimately led to its demise when the bull gear struck the bottom of the case and puked its guts while mowing.. Attempting to resurrect the little la140 and give it the legs it deserved. Organ Donor: gt275 Deere
  15. John Deere 186 In Blizzard Of 2013

    Photo of my 1986 180 John Deere in the Blizzard of 2013
  16. My Newest Edition

    My newest tractor is a 1983 John Deere 650.
  17. My Newest Edition

    My newest tractor is a 1983 John Deere 650.
  18. My Newest Edition

    My newest tractor is a 1983 John Deere 650.
  19. My Deere

    JD 317
1-19 of 31 Results