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  1. Ford
    I have been trying to find a diagram on how the cable runs on the deck. Ford 1210 - 916A 60" Does anyone have a diagram of the actual cable, or possibly a manual they are willing to share? I have searched everywhere! The diagrams I find aren't helping. Thanks! MCB
  2. Small Engines and Repair
    Note: looked over forum a few times, I assume deck related repairs belong here as well? My father bought this around 2017 back before I knew about mowers enough to offer him advice on what to buy. He has hit a few things that have wrapped around the blade (plastic tarp, cloth sheet) nothing to...
  3. Gravely
    I rebuilt 2 out of 3 spindles but one of the spindle housings in not rebuildable at all so I need a new spindle. I don’t want to spend $175 on a new spindle as I just replaced all the deck rollers, bolts/nuts, blades, pulleys, belts and front fork rebuilds so I’m running out of money. Anyone...
1-6 of 6 Results