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  1. MTD
    Hello all, I recently purchased a Dayton 3Z523 Garden tractor and need all the information and manuals I can get my hands on. The history of this thing is that my grandfather owned it about 25 years ago and I learned how to drive on it at the age of 3. He sold it when I was about 5 or so, and I...
  2. MTD
    New to the whole forum thing I have myself a really nice old dayton 3z588 16hp garden tractor 1976ish vintage from the engine code, that I picked up for nothing. Looks like it was stored inside and had low use. I've been searching hi and low to try and locate a complete shaft drive mower deck...
  3. 1976 Dayton 6speed transaxel

    A 76 Dayton 6 speed transaxel Igot from one of my7th grade teachers
1-3 of 3 Results