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  1. John Deere Forum
    Picked up a 2019 X570. Saw post of a guy selling a conversion kit, but after emailing him he said he was not doing it anymore. So, decided to do it myself. I'll post a series of videos. - Proof of Concept - LED POC Test Video Quick video showing reflector cutout and LED Fitting. Reflector...
  2. Kubota Forum
    Hi everyone. Finished my customization of a G5200 i found out in the middle of nowhere. Started by repainting the entire engine and frame with some high performance enamel. I did paint the exhaust manifold and the paint actually held up well to the engine heat. Even on the exhaust manifold...
  3. Massey Ferguson
    Several months ago I bought yet another Massey.. my 5th one.. but only the second MF8 hydra-speed. My first one is 95% parts matching original to the date it was born and it’s going to stay that way.. The 2nd MF8 was fairly complete, surprisingly the only thing not parts matched was the engine...
  4. John Deere Forum
    Hello everyone, I've been asking you a lot of questions about loaders and hydraulics, and now I'm getting closer to mounting my new loader on the x595. My intention is to use the original mounting brackets (for Kioti CS2610) and adapt them to the tractor. Here is the original version: I...
  5. Trailer Hitch

    this is the top view of my trailer hitch. My buddy welded 1/8in plate triangles to a 1/4 plate attachment
  6. Trailer Hitch

    It bolts to the 3 point hitch attachment two 1/2 bolts and two 7/16 bolts
  7. St10 In Action

    Here is one of the first in action shots.
  8. St10 In Action

    It's funny; I guess its the camera angle that makes the tractor look so small and my stomach look so large.
  9. St10 In Action

    This is the reason I bought the 1975 Sears ST/10. I needed something able to move my camper.
  10. Custom

    Moving the Cold Stuff
1-10 of 10 Results