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craftsman 42 inch

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    What Craftsman tractors will Craftsman snow blower 486.248371 fit on.
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    Hello If Anyone can help that would be awesome. I was looking for a picture of the transmission link setup. After a friend installed it wrong, I think I got it fixed, but the belt is rubbing, I have shredded enough belts so I want to fix this before I start using it.
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    I have a Weed Eater S165H42 with a Tecumseh Enduro XL/C 16.5 engine. I replaced the carb and it starts right up and purrs like a kitten. I can engage the blades without a hiccup. After about three minutes of mowing, it just dies. I’ll check the fuel filter and it’s full. I ran it with a loose...
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    After attempting to get my Craftsman tractor (model no. 917.270920) ready for the season - including replacing a flat rear tire, it started but does not move. The tire replacement took a bit of effort. I first thought that maybe the drive belt had dry rotted or had slackened and after replacing...
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    Installed gnd belt now i have no return on accelerator pedal cant figure it out appreciate any kind of info or a image of the underside of mower thanx Brian Martin
  6. 917.259572 42" Craftsman

    917.259572 42" Craftsman