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  1. Case
    I have read a few older posts that mention a yahoo case site that has a sleeve hitch drawing with dimensions so a person can fabricat thier own. I would love to know the specific site address or if someone would re-share the files. Thanks
  2. Case
    Several questions here from a tractor newbie. Just purchased in 1949 case DC tractor. Runs like a champ but a couple things I've noticed in the first few days of operation. Some of them may be user error so please let me know. 1. With the clutch lever engaged, there is an audible growling noise...
  3. Introductions
    My name is Rick or Badger, I look forward to learning. I live in Yucca AZ., The desert at 2000 ft. so the weather is pretty much perfect I have a 35 acre ranch. I use my tractor most building jumps on my off road track. And all the other things you need a tractor for, on 35 acres. This is my 4th...
  4. Case_Ingersoll_Colt Forum
    Hello I have Just acquired a case 448 black frame tractor. The engine runs wonderfully except for one small detail. There is a noticeable clicking noise coming from the middle of the engine. The clicking rate increases speed as the engine gains RPM. The engine is a onan p218g with 18 hp. The...
  5. Case
    Hello all! First of all i'm new member to the forum and with limited knowledge of tractors, I'm helping out my family with some tractor issues. Our IH 956 xl does not have any heater plug installed, it looks like the previous owner removed it and plugged the intake manifold. I have searched...
  6. Case_Ingersoll_Colt Forum
    I broke my steering wheel for my 446 and I am looking for a replacement. Online I have seen them in a 5/8 size but I believe mine is bigger then that. Most also have a pin while mine looks to just be friction or something else, no pins for it. Any suggestions on what to do?
  7. Case_Ingersoll_Colt Forum
    I recently acquired my first garden tractor, a first generation Case 446 with the onan 43 engine, I have got it running but it unfortunately only one cylinder seems to be running correctly, the other one has really low compression and seems to make some weird clacking noises when starting. I...
  8. Tractor Shows, Events, Pulls and Racing...
    Seen this Awesome tractor at a show the other day! :D
  9. Case
    Hello all, I have been helping a family friend get their Case 480E backhoe up and moving and have ran into quite the conundrum. Originally before it was left in the corner of a property it was starting to have issues with going between forward and reverse to the point where it would stall...
  10. Introductions
    Howdy all! Love tinkering on old iron, finally got a 1972 model Case 222 a year or so ago, but didn't do much with it til this Spring. Now I got the bug! Ended up getting a 1983 model Case 444 and a parts rig a few weeks ago and love to work on em all! Primarily interested in older heavy garden...
  11. 1965 Case 180

    Case Pics
  12. 1965 Case 180

    Case Pics
  13. Case 444

    Here is a nice Case 444 that I found on Craigslist
  14. pretty2

  15. The One I Want

    2006 Case DX1 35HP
1-16 of 18 Results