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  1. Craftsman/Sears Forum
    I can't find used mufflers for my GT18 it has a briggs opposed twin it has two separate mufflers one for each side and blows the exhaust out the sides and since it's missing one I need to find one and I saw that there is a couple of old treads on this but there were no replies so I figured that...
  2. Small Engines and Repair
    First off hello everyone, and thank you for your time. I'll get straight to the point! This is my first time rebuilding a mower engine. I have a briggs intek 24hp (445677 - 0476 E1 - 060109YG). It threw a rod the other day and I've completely disassembled the engine. The block is trashed due to...
  3. Walk Behind Mowers
    Hello. I am new to the forum, and I have a 4 H.P. Briggs Jari Monarch. I picked it up at an auction a while ago and I think it runs, but I don't know for sure. It is in relatively good condition and I am looking to sell it. I wanted to know how much it would be worth. Thank you.
  4. MTD
    So I just bought this MTD front tine tiller. It’s a 5 horse Briggs with power reverse. The engine is a 130202-0523-01 and was manufactured in 1975. I’ve done a lot to it to get it running and now that it works I’m down to the belts. To find the routing diagrams I need to know the model. The...
  5. Small Engines and Repair
    Recently got one of these fine engines. Has no carb. I put a carb from another engine and got it to fire. Sounded good. But obviously not the right carb for it. I have the proper intake but not the correct carb. Part # 99876 Anyone have a carb for it?
  6. Small Engines and Repair
    I removed the set screw with an allen wrench easily. Have sprayed the key down with liquid wrench 3 different times and let is set for hours even days. Should I be trying to push the key out the direction of the yellow or red arrow in my picture illustration? You can see in the picture i have...
1-6 of 6 Results