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  1. BIG John Deeres
    Hi, I own John Deere 5400, year of production: 2001. During driving when the speed of movement is a little bit higher and brake pedals are pressed, it results with a strange noise, like someone thumping with a hammer. Does anyone know what could cause that noise? Thanks a lot to everyone.
  2. Massey-Harris/Massey Ferguson
    Hello! I’m in the process of restoring an MF65 Massey Ferguson. Atm it’s in a million pieces in my shed consuming everything and everyone! I’ve just managed to break the ‘Brake Lever Support’ casting in which the brake lever actuated by the foot pedal sits. Please see attached picture (Number...
  3. John Deere Forum
    I recently picked up an used 260 lawn tractor with a 46" deck for some light mowing and towing at the cabin. Looks to have been well cared for, very clean and tidy with 600 hours on the clock. Everything seems to work as it should, but having never driven a lawn tractor before, I'm a bit...
  4. Construction Equipment
    My Dad has a 520-50 that is always a workout to brake. You get a tiny bit of brake response possibly w/ the pedal about half way down n maybe a bit more after that but basically you've gotta stand on it to get good stopping power. There doesn't seem to be much feathering've either got...
  5. MTD
    I am trying to replace the brake rotor on an MTD 990, and I cannot figure out two things. First, how must one get the old rotor off? And second, where can I find a new rotor assembly?
  6. BIG John Deeres
    I have a 1980 John Deere 2640 that the brakes went out on I’m not too familiar with the system it started by me needing to pump the brake and now the brakes totally don’t work. Do I need to bleed them? If so how. Do I need to change the brake shoes? Any tips would help me. Thanks, Matthew
  7. John Deere Forum
    I replaced the rear brakes and after testing it a spring fell off. It’s the spring that pulls resistance against the pedal to hold it up/disengage position. When I took apart the brake system I bet it loosened it and just fell off. It’s about 4-5 inches but I can’t find where it goes. Please...
  8. John Deere Forum
    I just purchased a John Deere 400. It has 900 hours on the meter, 4 new tires and pretty fresh paint job. It came with a 4 way snow plow and a 60" deck (a little rough). I gave $1700. Seems like on OK deal....Couple of issues..... The steering is a little slow. You have to kind of wait on...
  9. John Deere Forum
    Hello all, I've got a '73 jd 112 that I adjusted the variator on ( lever in 5th position, loosen the front cap screw, turn over the engine to raise pedal, tighten cap screw). Now the variator is working correctly in 1st position, but the clutch pedal goes all the way down, and at its highest is...
1-9 of 9 Results