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  1. Bolens Forum
    I just picked up a GT2000 and found the starting problem to be the 9 tooth starter gear not meshing with the flywheel gear. Original owner had purchased this starter but gave up and never got it running again. All my internet searching only finds 9 tooth starters for the Kohler M20QS motor. I...
  2. Bolens Forum
    Hello all, I have a tra-10d Wisconsin motor and the governor flywheel is shattered, does anyone know whereabouts I can find parts for these? I believe I may need a new carburator as well. Also random question but I know some of these cam with electric ignitions, mine has the magneto pull...
  3. Bolens Forum
    I was recently given a Bolens 1600 eliminator non hydro, I replaced the solenoid, circuit breaker connected to the amp meter, ignition, and spark plugs. I turn the key, the amp meter goes down past -20 and nothing happens, wires get hot, starts to smell bad, and I believe the circuit breaker...
  4. Bolens Forum
    Looking for an original bolen st 160 hydro belt its either an '85 or '86 any help is apreciated thanks
  5. Bolens Forum
    I have a Bolens 5020H with a Kohler Magnum 20. I need to determine what serial number it is as it seems many parts change with it, but I'm not seeing a model/serial number plate on the engine. can anyone help me if there are other ways to figure this out? My current reason is to find the fuel...
  6. Bolens Forum
    Hello all, I’m new to the forum but figured I’d share my recent 1250 restoration. Tractor is 100% original (apart from the exhaust and battery) and totally mechanically sound, with the original Wisconsin, rebuilt starter gen, new seat cover/pad, loaded tires, etc. I’ve owned it for about 4...
  7. Iseki
    My Bolens H1502 ran all last summer. I turned it off the day before the first snow and the next day it wouldn't start. It hasn't started since. I replaced the glow plugs and tested voltage to them both in glow plug warmup mode and cranking. Voltage is good. There is black smoke coming out the...
  8. Iseki
    Hello all, awhile back I got my hand on a h1502 and i was told the the front pto drive belt for the belly deck needed to be replaced. I have tried taking it apart to get the old belts off, but to no avail. Any advice on how to remove the front pto so i can access the belts? Thanks!
  9. Bolens Forum
    I need a replacement carburetor for my bolens G14, i just rebuilt the motor and the needle is no good in the carb so the engine is not getting fuel, it had a Walbro LMH 4-16 on it, if anyone has a known good one or knows a good equivalent that would be great thank you so much!
  10. Bolens Forum
    Does anyone know if you can put a OH-140 head on the HH-140 I have managed to buy one used HH-140 head and the valve guide is broken so it is no good, my original head dropped the valve seat, they are very hard to find and I'm not having any luck. The engine come off my Bolens G14
  11. Home Made Tractors, Implements and Accessories
  12. Bolens Qt17

    Just finished the restoration
  13. Bolens Qt17

    Just finished the restoration
  14. Bolens Qt17

    Just finished the restoration
  15. Bolens Qt17

    Just finished the restoration
  16. Bolens Qt17

    Just finished the restoration
  17. A Couple Of My Bolens

    these are pics of my bolens gk960, ek10 and 1050 and some attachments
  18. 1967 Bolens Ek10 W/cab & Snowblower

    mw ek10 w/snowblower, soft cab. i also have the 42in mower deck an rare 31in pto reelmower.
1-18 of 39 Results