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  1. 1256 Frame

    Ready to paint the frame with Rustoleum Antique White. Wish I would have use Almond. I'm learning ;~)
  2. 1256 Painted Frame

    Frame painted. February and 53 degrees so painted it outside. Painted smaller parts outside and broght back in my house to dry.
  3. 1256 Rims Painted Moter In

    Rims painted and motor in. Also have all the other brackets and parts painted except for the hood. One month of work in an unheated shop. Unusually nice winter this year.
  4. 1256 Project

    Just bought my 1256 a month ago for $350 with 18322 tiller. Will that fit my 1256? Let the fun begin ;~)
1-5 of 5 Results