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  1. John Deere Forum
    I have a 2007 X540 (sn 61092) and Kawa FD731V. This fall, I started my mower, drove about an acre (no PTO), and shut it off. Went back about an hour later to start it and I got nothing. Lights all came on, but not even a click was heard. This happened one time before, and my husband (who's 2x...
  2. Craftsman/Sears Forum
    I have a GT5000 with a Briggs 22 Hp engine. I bought this machine around 2005. It gets used year around for mowing and snow removal. I have a snow blower for snow removal and it work great. I'm having trouble with the charger/alternator not providing enough energy to keep the battery...
  3. 7B782D18-E667-4A75-9EB6-4C785A5A7411.jpeg

    I don’t have a battery charger. So i grabbed a laptop charger that is for a laptop that no longer works. The charger was 19v 3.5 ah, stripped the wires. Checked on multi meter which was positive and negative, hooked up jumper leads and it worked. After charging multimeter said 12.56v.
  4. Massey-Harris/Massey Ferguson
    Hi all. I've been having some trouble with my late father's 265. There was a 643 battery in there so I replaced it with a new one but I'm not sure that it's powerful enough as it's still having trouble starting. Does anyone know the best battery to go for please? Thanks!
  5. Jacobsen
    Does any one know where I can get a ford 100 or jacobsen cheif 1000 battery cover? Thanks, Logan
  6. John Deere Forum
    I bought a used la120 with 412 hours did the oil change air filter and oil change and the gas filter. I was using it put on the parking brake, got off of it moved some sticks and then it quit on me. I turned the key and gas wouldnt prime and then i angrily walked away and forgot to turn the key...
1-6 of 6 Results