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  1. Gravely
    Gravely 5460 with 10hp Kohler K241S, riding sulky, dual wheels, rotary mower deck, rotary plow, rotary tiller, sickle bar, snow blower, and blade, in Monkton, Maryland (Baltimore County, zip code 21111). You pick up and it's yours! Last used to clear driveway during "Snowmageddon" in 2010...
  2. Kubota
    Is it possible to run a CAT HM315C bite limiter mulcher on a new Kubota track loader/skid steer right out of the box? I'm wondering if the stock hydraulic connectors will fit and the mulcher will run given that the 34gpm flow rate requirement is met.
  3. Backyard Round Table: L & G Tractor Related Topics
    Well, after 20 years, (3rd owner) I’m pretty sure my sovereign is all done. I’ve got a 42” deck (actually 2) 36” snowblower, tire chains, weights, and homemade generator (5000 watt winding that runs off pto and hangs off the rear hitch). I found a nice restored 3414 nearby. Will my existing...
  4. Husqvarna/Dixon
    It was just recently brought to my attention again how hard it was on this forum to find my original story, "BEWARE OF HUSQVARNA GARDEN TRACTORS (PART 1)". After much consideration I decided to bring this post into it's own where it belongs so it can be found along with my other posts should you...
  5. Lawn and Garden Tractor Accessories
    Hi folks! I'm a new guy in this world of lawn tractors so bear with me 🙂. I recently purchased a 44" snowblower attachment for my John Deere e170 lawn tractor. I started the assembly and I installed the front hitch to the front of the tractor. The starting position of the lever, when it's...
  6. Bolens Forum
    I am a new 1050 owner. Is there a loader attachment for the 1050 or a universal loader attachment that will fit it? Also, can I move gravel with the push blade that is already attached if I go lightly? How much work can I do with the push blade? Is there a video that I can watch that shows how...
1-6 of 6 Results