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  1. Ariens/Pre 1990 New Holland
    Hey all! Just picked up this GT18 last night. It's got a fun little issue with it. Wanted some folks with experience to chime in to let me know how bad I've got it. So currently the lift control is stuck in the back. The pin for the latch (sorry for not knowing all the correct terms) is broken...
  2. Ariens/Pre 1990 New Holland
    I acquired this tractor for free. When I got it home it did start momentarily and has not again. It is my first with a 3 point hitch. (Always wanted one) SO i started by checking things and found out following: 1. ALOT OF WIRES CUTS AND by passed 2. Manual gas pump seemed to not be working 3...
  3. Introductions
    Hey Everyone!!! The name is Steve and I have been browsing the forum a while and decided it was about time I put myself on here to enjoy the tractor family group. I have 2 tractors, 1 ride on lawn mower from cub cadet and 1 1985 Ariens GT19. (Currently not running though) I have been working on...
  4. Ariens/Pre 1990 New Holland
    Thought it might be interesting to know what people have replaced on their Ariens GT series machines. Looking back through my paperwork, here is what I have replaced on my purchased new 1988 GT20. Replaced muffler Replaced front tires 5 times Replaced rear tires 3 times Replaced battery 6...
  5. Backyard Round Table: L & G Tractor Related Topics
    Hi all, I’m a new member here and I’m looking at buying a garden tractor. I just bought a house with a little less than a 1/2 acre. I know it’s not much but I’d prefer a tractor to cut grass and plow/ blow snow. Most of the time I’ll be cutting grass or moving snow, but I will be putting it to...
  6. Ariens Rm1332

    Ariens 13HP 32in cut riding mower
  7. my ariens stuff

    ariens gt with modified cozy cab
  8. my ariens stuff

    ariens gt home made 3 point
  9. my ariens stuff

    ariens gt with modified cozy cab
  10. New Holland S-14 with 10.5HP Diesel

    With the installation of the new diesel, this should last quite a while, I will probably get around to repainting and some new decals, etc... it's a workhorse, not a show piece...
  11. New Holland S-14 with 10.5HP Diesel

    The muffler exits through the factory location and I added the arrestor at the end of the pipe just to keep the noise down a little.
  12. New Holland S-14 with 10.5HP Diesel

    The fuel tank from the Diesel engine was relocated to the original location of the battery and the battery was relocated under the seat where the old gas tank was located. A different muffler was also used.
  13. New Holland S-14 Diesel

    Replaced the 14HP Kohler with a 10.5HP Diesel but I wanted to keep the overall look close to stock.
  14. Installation complete

    Replaced 14HP Kohler with 10.5HP Diesel. Bigger job than expected to install, however it was worth it. Excellent solution to repower older tractors.
  15. New Holland S-14 with Diesel

    Out with the Kohler and in with the 10.5 HP Diesel...
  16. Two Ariens YT11s

    A YT11 38 and YT11 32
1-16 of 17 Results