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  1. Ford N's 9N/2N/8N
    Bought this tractor site unseen at an online auction. It was being sold as an 8N but obviously it is not! I figured the wheels and tires were worth the auction price of $200. Upon closer inspection this turned out to be a 1959 Workmaster 601. She sat just like you see her in the elements for who...
  2. Ford N's 9N/2N/8N
    Brand new member here, and new 8n owner. I bought my tractor from a guy who cut a few corners and used the parts he had on hand to keep the tractor going. There are various gauges of wires, lots of electrical tape, and things spliced together. The floor starter button (I'm not sure the...
  3. 1952 Ford 8n

    Tractor I just bought
1-3 of 3 Results