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  1. John Deere
    hey so I'm working on a 6400 tractor it works in reverse but not forward went through elec system swapped relays fuses were good. Swapped forward and reverse coil plugs still no forward but reverse still works opposite of the direction switch on LH side of the steering column. Checked and I have...
  2. PTO

    BIG John Deeres
    Hey everyone I have a John Deere 6400 that when you turn the pto on it comes on for about 20 seconds then the light on the dash flashes and it stop and you can flip the switch off then back on and it will come back on for a few seconds I have replaced the pto module and then speed sensor I...
  3. John Deere
    I’m making this post for someone a little less computer savvy than me that is a lot more mechanic savvy than me, so, please be nice! 😉 He says that a few days ago, his JD 6400 4wd, synchro plus, (1995 model) had some hydraulic problems. He said that the loader and 3 point hitch wouldn’t work...
  4. BIG John Deeres
    Hello all, For the past 8 months a John Deere 6400 with a power-quad transmission has been having trouble. Recently the local JD dealership called and informed us that the tractor is in need of a new transmission (been at the dealer for nearly 6 months). So the problem... During planting season...
1-4 of 4 Results