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  1. John Deere Forum
    Hey Guys, I've been on the hunt for a 445 for a while. I'm not afraid of a project as long as the machine has potential to be a solid performer once again. I found a 445 for sale locally that appears to be a good deal, and I'd like your thoughts. It's a model year 2000, has around 1,800hrs...
  2. John Deere Forum
    Good evening Guys - looking for thoughts and advice from the seasoned crowd again. I've been searching for a deal on a 445. I try to keep my ear to the ground with local equipment dealers, as well as Craigslist, FB marketplace, etc. I recently stumbled upon a 2009 X724 w/ 54" deck at 860ish...
  3. For Sale & Wanted to Buy (Your Location)
    Less than a year old. Used it maybe 3 times. Like New. This rotary broom is a great. It cleans snow or dirt off walks and driveways always the way down to the surface. As much as I love this broom, I don't have the room room to store it. Included: John Deere 3880M - 52" Rotary Broom Implement...
    $3,500 USD
  4. John Deere Forum
    Got what appears to be a leaky right side cover plate and/or axle case on my 445's 2WS transaxle. Reading through the parts diagrams here: Section 50 - Drive Train Parts, I do not see mention of or listings for gaskets for the transaxle case and side/rear covers or the axle cases. Are they...
  5. John Deere Forum
    I just put my JD 400 transaxle back together after service, I just took off the right side plate put Hylomar and all new o-rings/bushings, now it goes in reverse when I am not pushing the forward or reverse pedal and seems to be slower than it was. Any ideas what I messed up? Thanks!
  6. John Deere Forum
    Hi, I recently purchased a 1994 john deere 445, 2 wheel drive, front steer mower and the front tires are rubbing on the mower deck. The tires are the stock 18x8.5.x8 and rears are 26x12x12. The tries are inflated to the suggested psi but do look rounded or arched. The prior owner said it was...
  7. Hydraulics
    I put new hoses on my 1979 Ford 445 front bucket shortly after it quit going up and down. It will curl both ways but not up and down. I switched the hoses on the cylinder and it went up and down for a little while but quit working after short while. I believe I have air in the system but...
  8. John Deere Forum
    New to the forum and just picked up a 425 4 wheel steer with 800 hours; my first garden tractor and also first JD. Pretty excited to have a 3 point and a 54" plow with quick hitch. I'm aware of the plastic cam gear issue, and this one's still intact. My understanding is that it doesn't make a...
  9. John Deere Forum
    Could anyone tell me what the current equal is to the 445? I had an older model 445 with the longer nose, poor turn radius that I didn't love...but my F.I.L. has a "newer" model 445...I think it's his third... that I really like. I'm looking for something equivalent or better, but don't want...
  10. John Deere Forum
    Hello. my 445 is leaking anti freeze, it looks like it’s coming from behind where the water pump hooks up. looks like its going water pump-gasket-another aluminum something-gasket- then the block. i can see where it’s coming from. i’ll post a video and pictures of where it’s coming from. maybe...
  11. John Deere Forum
    looking for a little help. i have a Kawasaki FD620D engine out of a John Deere 445 and I am looking for pistons larger than the .50mm or .020in oversize that is available through John Deere. does anyone know of anything in the .1mm or .040in range that would be available for purchase? Thank you!
  12. 737 Z-trak

    2005 737 Z-TRAK w/54" mower SOLD 3/29/08
1-12 of 12 Results