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  1. John Deere Forum
    Need some help with troubleshooting. Dad and I put on a new muffler, and took the PTO off to do so. When we put it back on, the PTO would not engage. we were sure that it was because the clutch wasn't gapped to 018. I gapped it exactly to 018 at all 3 points, and it still won't engage. I get...
  2. John Deere
    Hello all, new to the fourm so trying to figure all the controls out still. But anyho I have a 79 John Deere 317, for a while it wasn't running, I went through the carb, changed the oil and checked a few other things and got it running again, but ever since then I've had problems with the...
  3. John Deere Forum
    Hi My JD318 1989 lawn tractor seems to have limited or sporadic control over the engine speed. It varies without me touching the rabbit/turtle. Particularly surges. When I mentioned this to the dealer when buying deck parts he said that’s not good... I would love to save it as it’s a...
  4. John Deere Forum
    Picked up a used Harbor Freight 1 ton engine hoist, and I want to remove and reinstall my B43G engine with it. I've never removed an engine before, so I'm looking for some guidance on where and how to attach the engine to the hoist hook? I have 3 or 4 chains that I got from the guy that sold me...
  5. John Deere Forum
    Hi all I picked up a 420 with a P220 in it a few months back to snowblow with. I mowed with it one time and during the mow the RPMs went through the roof. I had to turn the unit off in fear it would blow up. Since then It would idle and it would begin to hunt or surge. Once any throttle is...
  6. John Deere Forum
    Can I take this deck and mule drive off a 316 and put it on a 318?
  7. John Deere Forum
    Just bought a 318 but it didn’t have a deck or mule drive. I found a 317 with a 48” deck and mule drive, Will these fit on my 318?
  8. John Deere Forum
    So I have stumbled upon a free 318 with snow blade and belly mower. Am I going down a rabbit hole or is it worth the time and effort to make run again. I know I'm going to need help from this forum if I tackle this project.
  9. John Deere Forum
    Hi all, I just bought a JD 420...My 420 had the issue I've seen a few other posts about where when you turn the ignition, it only "clunks". If I turned the key enough times, eventually it would crank and turn over. Once it cranked though, it normally started no issues. Today I changed the...
  10. John Deere Forum
    Hello all, I joined your community today, and would like to ask a question about my newly acquired 1983 JD 318. After working on several issues and finally getting the tractor running, my issue now is when I start it, every time I move the lever out of the neutral position, the tractor loads up...
  11. John Deere Forum
    I have a John Deere 318 with a P218G. The other day I was mowing. When done, I went to turn the ignition off. Nothing. As a test I turned it the opposite way to start. That engaged fine (made a terrible noise obviously). I removed the battery terminal to shut it down. When I put the...
  12. All_JD_GT.JPG

    JD 110, 212, 216, 318, PA 322, NY 322
  13. John Deere Forum
    Hello, I recently bought my first garden tractor ('87 316) and I noticed a small puddle under the tractor that had developed overnight. I decided to trace the leak to the source and discovered that it is coming from where one of the hydraulic lines connect to the pump (the one I'm pointing at...
  14. John Deere Forum
    (picture for ref, not my valve) I need some help... Is it possible for the check ball in this picture to go further into the hydraulic system? I'm having issues with steering and the lift power on my 318. I rebuilt the steering valve prior so I know the check ball was there. When I took the Torx...
  15. John Deere Forum
    I have a customer who was driving his 332. It suddenly stopped moving with no noise. Now it will not move at all. Starts and runs fine, just won't move. He had a bad valve on top so replaced both, still won't move. I was certain that the drive pin in the charge pump had broken but it was intact...
  16. John Deere 318 restoration (Before)

    Before I did the complete restoration.
1-16 of 17 Results